Game Driven

Jabber Rooms

  • Media Store

    A terrific place to find brand name media products like music, phones, entertainment consoles or computers. Game points earn coupons.

  • Furniture Store

    Each colony has a store to purchase virtual items for your new home. More expensive items are symbols of your gaming prowess.

  • Hair Salon

    There is no better place to gossip than the hair salon. By paying for the seat you can refresh your style and avoid the riff raff while you chat.

  • Restaurant

    How about a virtual date? Neighbors may spot you at dinner but they won't be able to eavesdrop on your romantic conversation.

  • Neighborhood Bar

    Nothing is better after a hard day at work than a drink with your friends. Everyone definitely knows your name. Buy them a beer?

  • Java Joe's

    Coffee can be addictive, so where do you get your fix in Euphoria? Java Joe's is the place to start your day with real and virtual drinks.

  • Conference Room

    It's nice to know who is in the room when you have a conference and telecommuting is becoming a way of life. Turn on the recorder for a transcript of the meeting.

  • Meeting Hall

    Members can have a town hall meeting to discuss the unique rules for their colony. Time to vote businesses on or off the island. A town administrator will take notes.

  • Office

    Some conversations only seem appropriate in an office setting. All business chats are recorded and mailed to the participants. Integration with the calendar is encouraged.

  • Comedy Club

    Think you have what it takes to entertain a crowd? Step up on the stage on open mic night and practice your material. Beware of hecklers.

  • Park

    Time to relax in the park. Feed the pigeons or chat up a friend. Maybe with a little persuasion he could be talked into a casual game of chess?

  • Beach

    You've been looking a little pale recently. Better catch some rays and work on the tan. Perhaps a game of Invasion or Chess to pass the day?

  • News Stand

    Link to your favorite blogs from the community's news stand. What twitter feeds or social media accounts are your fellow residents willing to share?

  • Hospital

    Need some medical advice? Stop by the hospital for a friendly face and some empathy. We'll point you in the right direction for links on your illness and professional care.

  • Bank of Euphoria

    All those points are helpful to buy virtual goods and services. For account information and to purchase passports, stop by our Euphoria Bank. We can provide a wide range of financial services.