Game Driven

About Us

  • The original version of Game Driven was built in 2005-2007 by a small team of exceptional and passionate visionaries. The assets from the beta site can still be useful if replatformed as more accessibile components for integration with other commercial websites. We're looking for partners who want to invest in the future.

    Since participation is passive and in-game messages are stored after each move, many of our 300 beta members would leave their browser page open and periodically check the status of their active games. In addition to stickiness, Game Driven colonies succeeded in creating a tighter social experience and more interaction between members than some of the larger social networking sites.

    We believe that intimate self-organizing communities and casual game play is the perfect environment to provide a unique entertainment value for our members. Online social networking has exploded over the last decade, so leveraging a global community is much easier today.

    Technology has also matured over the last decade, and scalability in the cloud allows an opportunity for inexpensive scaling and distribution. The ability to dynamically provision resources based on demand makes the business model more easily sustainable.

    Contact us at 404-623-2822 if you would like more information on the Game Driven project or would like to be involved with our social gaming enterprise.