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Joining The Community

  • Create Your Avatar

    Once you sign up for an account you will be given an opportunity to customize an avatar. You can change a variety of facial features including hair, eyes, nose, mouth and skin color. We provide an avatar builder gadget..

  • Select Your Attire

    There are a variety of clothes to select for your avatar, including some more exotic outfits that can be unlocked with game points. Your avatar will appear in jabber rooms and on private notes in the Game Driven community.

  • Mingle With The Crowd

    You can create an interesting variety of looks with the avatar builder. Your avatar will have its own url that allows it to be used as an image throughout the internet, not just on Game Driven. We allow for a library of up to 24 avatars.

  • Individual Homes

    Each member can choose to join a colony(s) based on shared interests with other members. Once you have accumulated enough game points you can puchase a home. Your home lights up when you're online.

  • Condos And Apartments

    Not everyone can afford a home right away. Condos and apartments are a quicker way to establish temporary residency and let everyone know you're there to check out the colony. You can always remain a tourist.

  • The Full Map

    A colony will support up to 300 permanent residents. The colony will have a unique name and url, and self govern with elected officials who will determine which businesses to include on the map.

  • New Home

    Homes are an expression of your individuality and also serve as private jabber rooms. You can set the carpet, wall color and wall hangings. Guests can view your home, enjoy your custom decor and join a chat.

  • Shopping For Furniture

    Once you have a house and earn game points you can visit the furniture store in your colony to pick out items for the kitchen, dining room, living room and bed room.

  • A Furnished Home

    A fully furnished home is still a useful jabber room and houses can be upgraded as you earn more game points. You can even add a dog or cat, although you better check in every day to keep them fed!